200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

21 DAYS - 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Green yoga India has created the most comprehensive and intense course especially for you. Our aim is to guide and direct the yoga practitioners towards highly professional and qualified yoga teachers in 21 days. The Yoga teacher’s course is duly certified by Yoga Alliance which is a certification that is accepted worldwide to teach yoga. Our Yoga certification courses are devised after in-depth study of yoga texts and having years of experience in yoga techniques.

We will cover the most important aspect of yoga by building a bridge between East and West, between science and spirituality, between practice and teaching.

Multistyle teacher training

In our 200 hours yoga teacher training, we teach a Multistyle yoga practice including Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga (dynamic flow), Yin yoga, Sivananda and many other traditions of India. In this manner, the student has an option of choosing their own style of yoga practice and teaching in future. We also emphasize on therapeutic aspect of yoga, so that students who are suffering from disease can join us for their own benefits and also for the help of others.

  • Practice the primary series of ashtanga vinyasa (K. Pattabi Jois)
  • Lead class and self practice (Mysore style)
  • Learn how to adjust the students
  • Learn how to modify the difficult poses
  • Create your own vinyasa sequence
  • KEY POINTS: Ujjajji breath, dristhi and bhandas
  • Learn asanas in a traditional Indian way
  • Sivananda sequence: 12 basic asanas
  • Learn the different aspects of asthanga yoga: pranayama, mudras, bhandas, kriyas…
  • Study the Vedanta philosophy and the most important yoguic text.
  • Yin yoga meridian opening practice
  • Heal your body and calm your mind
  • Introduction to chinese medicine:  meridians, organs, fascia
  • Yin yang theory
  • Experience the anti-gravity!
  • Get all the benefits of inversions poses
  • Improve your flexibility, strength, core and coordination
  • Learn how to design sequences for therapeutic treatment
  • Go beyond your limitations and fly!
  • Yoga nidra
  • Kundalini meditation-theory of chakras
  • Pranic meditation
  • Trataka (candle light meditation)
  • Cyclic meditation (stress management)
  • Dynamic meditation/Osho meditation
  • Performing bhajan-kirtan with live music
  • Havan (fire ceremony for invocating energy)
  • Ajapa-japa (repetition of mantra)
  • Dancing
  • Learn how to trust:  “As you learn to support others, you end up allowing yourself to be supported. This is a fundamental of trust: take control by letting go” (Daniel Scott).
  • Partner yoga practice
  • Introduction to the basics of acroyoga: base, flyer, spotter
  • Learn the basics of ayurveda: principals and theory
  • Body constitutions: 3 doshas
  • Relation between ayurveda and yoga
  • 5 elements
  • Diet and nutrition according to ayurveda
  • Enjoy a yoga class over the calm waters of the Mediterranean sea in Mallorca.
  • Improve your balance
  • Learn the basics of Stand Up Paddling


We have redefined a curriculum as per the international standards of Yoga Alliance USA & UK coupled with our own expertise in the field of yoga.
The prime objective is to prepare the future teachers physically and spiritually ready to practice and teach by themselves. We will lay down the foundations to become a successful and well-rounded yoga teacher.

The main areas that we cover in our program will be will be classified in 5 modules: Yoga teaching techniques, teaching Methodology and Yogic Lifestyle, Philosophy, Anatomy and physiology, and Practice.

There will be a total of 180 contact hours during the 3 weeks program. During or after the training every student has to submit  one article and there will be some homework from the theory classes. There will be consider as 20 non-contact hours. (more info about this assignments after registering in the course)

Time split between the modules

Yoga techniques
Anatomy and physiology
Yogic philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics
Teaching methodology - the Art of teaching
Practicum - real life situations

For a detailed presentation and notions covered in the curriculum, please check out the DETAIL SYLABUS OF THE COURSE.

Daily schedule

07:00-08:00 am Meditation, kirtan & satsang
08:00-8:30 am Tea & coffee break
08:30-10:30 am Morning asana class (dynamic)
10:30-12:00 am Brunch & rest
12:00-13:00 am Philosophy/Teaching methodology class
13:00-15:00 pm Asana clinic/Adjustment/Practicum
15:00-16:30 pm Tea & snacks break & swimming pool time
16:30-18:00 pm Evening asana class (slow pace)
06:00-07:00 pm Dinner
19:00-21:00 pm Meditation/counseling/group discussion
Get certified in 21 days



“Simple living , High thinking” is his motto . Inspired by the life and philosophy of the great sage of India Swami Vivekananda (founder of Ramakrisna mission) , Atmarekha decided to dedicate his life for the service to the world through the healing science and arts of yoga.

He specializes in all aspect of yoga like traditional hatha , kundalini yoga, yin, yoga philosophy , yoga Therapy , Ayurveda and the secret of tantric yogic practice. He is an exceptional motivational speaker, story teller  and spiritual leader of eastern India,now living and teaching in mallorca, Spain

70% of the course is under the guidance and taught by the SYT (Senior Yoga Teacher)