50 Hours Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release Teacher Training Course

7 days - Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga creates space for slowing down and returning to balance. While most asana practice embraces the yang nature of effort and movement, yin yoga embodies the complimenting qualities of softness, stillness, receptivity and inward awareness. In Yin practice, grounded stretches cultivate intuition & encourage surrender, releasing physical and emotional patterns that close us off. 

Yin poses are primarily passive stretches held upwards of three to five minutes. These lengthen holds allow a release of the fascia and connective tissues which can weave constriction throughout the body.  The origins of yin yoga are rooted in the convergence of the Indian tradition of yoga with Chinese understandings of health and energy. Sometimes referred to as Taotist yoga, yin yoga explores the interplay of the energetic body through the frameworks of chi energy, elements and meridian lines.  Beyond the physical, Yin releases the subconscious tension contained in the body to reduce stress, enhance health and wellbeing, and create space for joy.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

In this 50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher teacher training immersion we will explore the theory, science & anatomy of yin yoga, balanced with experiential & energetic aspects of practice. We will unpack contemporary research on fascia and healthy stretching. Reviewing each classical yin pose, you will learn not only the how of instructing it safely, but also why in understanding the physical, emotional & energetic benefits.  This course will also include an introduction to the principles of TMC (traditional Chinese Medicine), allowing you to design and theme inspired yin yoga and yin yang yoga classes. We will also incorporate other traditional and therapeutic tools including pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, restorative yoga and myofascial release.  Myofascial release will include self-massage practices to increase mobility and reduce tension, complimenting the physical release of yin yoga. 

This course is open to new and experienced teachers, as well as dedicated yoga students who desire to deepen their yin practice.  Graduates will feel competent designing, theming, sequencing and instructing meaningful yin yoga classes. Offering this unique expression of yoga to your students will create diversity within your teaching. To compliment your clients full lives, help them create a balanced practice through stillness & surrender. 


  • Yin Yang Philosophy 
  • The theory & methodology of teaching yin yoga
  • Fascia, anatomy & heathy stretching
  • Yin energetics & meridians (incorporating TCM – traditional Chinese medicine)
  • Theming, sequencing, assisting, teaching language
  • Myofascial self-care
  • Preventing & supporting injuries
  • Incorporating meditation, yin yang yoga, myofascial care & yoga nidra

Time split between the modules

Yoga techniques
Anatomy and physiology
Yogic philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics
Teaching methodology - the Art of teaching
Practicum - real life situations

Daily schedule

07:00-08:00 am Meditation, kirtan & satsang
08:00-8:30 am Tea & coffee break
08:30-10:00 am

Morning Yin Yang Practice (balancing dynamic movement & stillness)

10:00-11:00 am Brunch & rest
11:00-12:20 am Theory – Yin philosophy & teaching methodology class
12:30-02:00 pm Method – Asana clinic exploring classic yin poses
02:00-03:30 pm Tea & snacks break & swimming pool time
03:30-04:20 pm Method – Asana clinic, anatomy & techniques
04:30-06:00 pm

Evening yin & gentle yoga (to include myofascial care, yoga nidra, restorative techniques)

06:00-07:00 pm Dinner
07:00-08:30 pm Meditation/counseling/group discussion



Eva Hamilton is a certified & experienced yoga teacher from Canada. Passionate about yoga since youth, Eva has taught yoga professionally since she turned seventeen. Her teaching reflects her holistic training. Each class, she seeks a balance between the effort of asana & movement and the surrender of breath awareness, meditation, and relaxation. Her intention in teaching is to craft a supportive & nourishing energy, allowing students to connect with their own inner resources of strength & peace. 

Eva’s classes draw on many styles, perspectives & trainings in yoga.  She encourages her students to be curious and playful on the mat in order to find their edge, but not push past that place into any strong place of discomfort. Eva shares mindful themes and integrates meditative verbiage to help her students reflect & release. 

Her flow classes seek an attentive balance between mindful & functional alignment, without sacrificing the transformative state of flow that unites body & consciousness with rhythmic breath.  Yet, while she loves the creative possibilities of a flow based practice, her greatest passion is healing – helping clients to let go of disconnection, pain & stress. Her gentle energy is best known for her restorative & yin practices.

Eva is grateful to have studied for over 1000 hours with teachers including Judith Hanson Lasater, Bo Forbes, Yogrishi Vishvketu, Susi Hatley, Todd Lavictoire, Gayle Gayatri Poapst, Shai Plonski, & many more. Her background includes hatha yoga, akhanda yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga tune up®, prenatal yoga, classical kundalini, hatha raja, back care yoga, chair yoga, anatomy & therapeutics, Thai yoga massage and yogic lifestyle coaching. She loves the opportunity to draw on her religious studies degree from Queen’s University to unpack yoga philosophy in an accessible & enjoyable way.  Eva is also a certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner & loves connecting with clients through the language of healing touch. Having previously owned a studio in Canada, Eva’s love of travel keeps her nomadic. She has facilitated retreats and taught abroad in Scotland, France and Mexico. 

When not teaching, she balances her own energy creatively through exploring different cultures & landscapes, designing malas (meditative jewelry), drawing & painting, and cooking spicy food.


“Simple living , High thinking” is his motto . Inspired by the life and philosophy of the great sage of India Swami Vivekananda (founder of Ramakrisna mission) , Atmarekha decided to dedicate his life for the service to the world through the healing science and arts of yoga. He was born in West Bengal, the land of Spiritual  masters like Sw. Vivekananda, RishiI Aurobinda, Paramahansa yoganananda. Since childhood days, he was inclined and motivated towards yoga and spirituality. His early life associations with Ramakrisna Mission has given him an understanding and in depth-knowledge of all yogic text like vedanta,Patanjali yoga sutra , Bhagavad Gita etc  . He is a Sanskrit Scholar, Philospher and A simple Yogi. Service to human kind and empowering women through yoga is his aim of life

Graduated in  Managment, Atmarekha was living in the Ashram life and imbibing the most valuable secrets of the ancient science of yoga: from various ashrams and many traditions. After his Ashram life he founded a Yoga school in West Bengal Green yoga  – in which he was helping many people to uplift their lives.

He specializes in all aspect of yoga like traditional hatha , kundalini yoga, yin, yoga philosophy , yoga Therapy , Ayurveda and the secret of tantric yogic practice. He is an exceptional motivational speaker, story teller  and spiritual leader of eastern India,now living and teaching in mallorca ,Spain