300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course


The 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course offered by Green Yoga International is registered with Yoga Alliance USA. The course provides an in-depth knowledge of yogic philosophy, advance asana, pranayama, anatomy, teaching techniques, Practicum and special modules in aerial yoga and yin yoga. This course is suitable for everyone even someone who wants to become a yoga teacher and start teaching right after the course. These 300 hour course is unique in nature which means more of living yoga than learning.

Once you complete the 300 hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course by Green Yoga International in combination with your earlier 200 hours Teacher Training Course, you will be certify as 500 hours Yoga Teacher. You can register your certificate with Yoga Alliance USA and become 500 hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).

300 hour Yoga teacher training highlights

  • Yoga Alliance USA certification
  • Special modules on YOGA NIDRA and AYURVEDA as a part of the course!
  • Intensive workshop on hand stand and arm balances.
  • Personal therapy counseling with the Director of the School
  • Residential course
  • Discount in massage and panchakarma treatments
  • Taxi pick up and drop to Manacor bus station.
  • 2 sattvik yogic meals Monday to Saturday
  • 2 times tea & snacks
  • Young and dynamic team of experienced teachers
  • Extra activities on Sundays
  • Free use of Swimming Pool.
  • Practice the primary series of ashtanga vinyasa (K. Pattabi Jois)
  • Lead class and self practice (Mysore style)
  • Learn how to adjust the students
  • Learn how to modify the difficult poses
  • Create your own vinyasa sequence
  • KEY POINTS: Ujjajji breath, dristhi and bhandas
  • Learn asanas in a traditional Indian way
  • Sivananda sequence: 12 basic asanas
  • Learn the different aspects of asthanga yoga: pranayama, mudras, bhandas, kriyas…
  • Study the Vedanta philosophy and the most important yoguic text.
  • Yin yoga meridian opening practice
  • Heal your body and calm your mind
  • Introduction to chinese medicine: meridians, organs, fascia
  • Yin yang theory


Techniques, training and practice
  • In-depth practice of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series.
  • Theory and in-depth practice of Mantras, Kriyas, Pranayamas (with Bandhas) and various techniques of Meditation.
  • Asana practice is focused on developing the quality of body alignment, observation, instructions and sequencing of the asanas.
  • Learning the theory and practice of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.
  • Learning and practice of different meditation techniques: Yoga Nidra, MSRT, Kundalini awakening, Pranic healing
Teaching Methodology
  • Learning the art of alignment and hands on adjustment
  • Qualities of a teacher and classroom arrangment
  • Learning how to use props to modify the posture
  • Workshops on demonstration of Asanas, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for specific groups of people.
  • Special workshops on back bending, hip openers, hand balances and jumping through
  • Business Skills – How to promote your Yoga business in the world and the use of social media
  • Conducting Vinyasa Flow, hatha & yin yoga classes
  • Conducting Yoga Nidra sessions
Anatomy and Physiology
  • Learning about the musculoskeletal system with focus on bones, ligaments, fascia and muscles.
  • Basic Overview of the structure and functions (Anatomy and Physiology) of different systems in the human body.
  • Special classes on the neuro system.
  • Anatomy of Pranayama with focus on Energy Systems, Chakras, Energy
  • Bodies and Cardiovascular System.
  • In depth chakra and kundalini yoga
  • Practical Application of Anatomy and Physiology to Yoga Practices
Yoga philosophy and lifestyle
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Upanishads
  • Detail history of yoga
  • Ethics mentioned in Yogic Scriptures for Yoga Practitioners and Teachers
  • Yoga in daily life
  • Creating and Leading a Vinyasa Flow Led Class of 90 minutes
  • Sequencing and leading Yin yoga or Hatha yoga classes with specific focus on backbending/hipopener/forward bending/restorative
  • Assisting Lead Trainers, Observing and Receiving Feedback accordingly
  • Students will be required to engage in self-study and submit daily & weekly assignments on the day’s lectures and discussions.
  • There will be a practical and a theory exam at the end of the course to assess the students on their learning, practice and teaching during the one month Teacher Training Course.

Our syllabus of 300 hours TTC is set as per the standards of Yoga Alliance USA. The styles of yoga taught in this course are vinyasa, ashtanga, yin and hatha.

The Teacher Training Course concludes with a certification of completion. This certificate must be uploaded and registered on Yoga Alliance USA or UK website and the registration fee must be paid by the student in order to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 300 or 500).

In order to be eligible to participate in the training, students are request to complete their 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training


Accommodation (sharing and non-sharing basis, depending on the number of students) includes hot shower, attached bathrooms and western toilet.Click here to find out more about the accommodation.


Wi-Fi facility is available at the school.


What to bringPersonal Yoga mat, laptop or iPad, Yoga clothes (not too loose, body lines should be clear), warm shawl or covering for early morning meditation, personal items like toiletries, medications, photocopy of your documents like Passport, Visa, etc. Read more FAQs here.


  • Course manual and materials
  • Kriya set
  • Special gift: t-shirt and hand bag




Daily schedule

07:00-08:00 am Meditation, kirtan & satsang
08:00-8:30 am Tea & coffee break
08:30-10:00 am Morning asana class (dynamic)
10:00-11:00 am Brunch & rest
11:00-12:20 am Philosophy/Teaching methodology class
12:30-02:00 pm Asana clinic/Adjustment/Practicum
02:00-03:30 pm Tea & snacks break & swimming pool time
03:30-04:20 pm Anatomy/Physiology class
04:30-06:00 pm Evening asana class (slow pace)
06:00-07:00 pm Dinner
07:00-08:30 pm Meditation/counseling/group discussion