40 is the new 20

Author: Sebastien Comte

Yoga & Middle-Life Crisis


When most of my friends are going through their « middle life crisis » by using the material consumption, often overconsumption, to fill in some gaps, as their own way to feel free, happy or accomplished, I have simply tried another way, let’s say the Yoga way.


I’m not alone, we are so many people thinking at some point of their life: Am I doing the right thing? Am I happy? What was my dream when I was a kid? What happened to it? Have I decided to become like this or am I the product of others? What’s my footprint to the World? What is my purpose? Who am I? So many questions that we put into the « to be answered later » box being afraid of opening the Pandora Box. So we buy a new convertible car, a new apartment, maybe even meet a lover and do other things that will make us feel free again, at least for a little while. Then we wait for retirement in order to, maybe, be free again and have time to reconnect with our dreams, with ourselves, maybe with our higher self. Or maybe not.


Can Yoga be the right tools to enable a major Lifestyle change to happen successfully? If you read this article that means you already know the answer… I didn’t know when I started yoga (Meditation, Healing, Asanas), I was just curious, I followed the signs.


As many said on all social network or health related article, a true change must start from inside and from your self, well…that’s easy to say. When you’ve been working like a monkey (sorry monkeys) for 20+ years, eating too much, not exercising enough, drinking too much good wine, smoked (whatever), accumulated wealth, debts, material goods, comfort, habits, fears, judgments, then change is not easy, changing is actually very scary. What will people think? Will I ever get a well paid job again? Am I crazy?? Ok, let’s do it next year ;).


Back to me, my ego needs some attention or at least it’s what people told me… I have decided to become a better person for others, for this world and for myself. Quit my job, found what were my dreams as a kid, discovered Reiki, Yoga, old passions, traveled many countries (over 60) and then build a daily Yoga routine for a year or so. This routing became an important part of my day. What was the next step? Shall I buy this beautiful second hand convertible Aston Martin I’ve seen the other day? No…Do your YTT they told me…you’ll love it! Well, they (my crazy yogi friends) were right but it took me some time to realize it.


So I looked for a place, there are so many, went mainly with my guts and selected Green Yoga International, found my way there a couple of weeks after and landed on the arrival day with 31 other amazing souls. Day one started and I realized how intense these 3 weeks would be on all regards (emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually). It’s not like when at school you must learn things that are not specially interesting, here we have 3 weeks where all subjects are providing you with new tools to change your life style and be happier so you don’t want to miss one drop of it, even if you are completely exhausted and overwhelmed. Guess what? We did it and it actually went fast, too fast.


I’m getting back home, as a fresh 40 years old yoga teacher, filled with so much knowledge to share and with so much motivation to move forward on my Life changes. I know that I took the right decision, I know that I will certainly support many others to do so and find the courage to change, 40 is not too late, maybe 40 is the new 20… anyway, it’s actually the right time!


What did I learn there? Well, I learnt that Yoga isn’t about touching your feet, it’s about touching your heart. I’ve learnt that if you behave with good intentions and apply Yoga Principles then you might even touch other people heart. As someone wise said one day: Now go out and teach Yoga!


So hold on, don’t buy this new convertible car, invest 3 weeks of your time and you won’t regret it.