Rules & Regulations

This month long program is an opportunity to look deep inside yourself by training your body and mind and heading towards the soul following certain yamas and niyamas (do’s & dont’s) as described below:

  • During the training, consumption of drugs, smokes and drinks are prohibited. Understand that this training is a beginning of your new life.
  • Please inform us well in hand if you have undergone any recent injuries or surgery. Also if you are having any disease or food allergy.
  • Although our environment is encouraging and we are concern about the health and safety of the students, if any injury occurs during the course and practice, the school and affiliated teachers are not liable. It is students own responsibility toward safety.
  • Even though our retreat is very safe and secure we advise the students to take care of their valuable belongings.
  • Students should be on time for all the classes and at least 90% attendance is required to get the certificate. If you miss any class time (except an emergency), the missed classes must be completed at extra cost to the student and according to the teacher’s availability.
  • It’s requested to maintain your accommodation and common areas of the retreat clean and high degree of personal hygiene. Green Yoga International maintains high standards of cleanliness.
  • It’s also requested to wear yoga friendly clothes during the training inside the retreat, which is respectful to Indian culture.
  • We expect a friendly and respectful behaviour/manner towards staffs, teachers and colleagues during your training period.