The Green Yoga International team


ATMAREKHA (Indrajit Dey) - INDIA

Founder & Spiritual Head

Inspired by the life and philosophy of the great sage of India Swami Vivekananda (founder of Ramakrisna mission) and Swami Sivananda, Atmarekha decided to dedicate his life for the service to the world through the science and arts of yoga. He was born in West Bengal, the land of SPIRITUAL masters like SWAMI Vivekananda, RishiI Aurobinda, Paramahansa yoganananda. Since childhood days, he was inclined and motivated towards yoga and spirituality. His association s with Ramakrisna Mission has given him to understand the in depth-knowledge of Vedanta philosophy, and all ancient Hindu scriptures. He is a sankrkrit scholar, philospher and yogi.

After completing his postgraduate Diploma in Managment, the speaker was living in the Ashram life and getting the most valuable secrets of the ancient science of yoga: Sivananda Ashram, Bihar School of Yoga, Osho Ashram, Vivekananda Ashram, and many more .

After his Ashram life he founded a Yoga school in West Bengal in which he is helping many people to uplift their lives.

He specializes in all aspect of yoga like traditional hatha , kundalini yoga, Stress management for corporates, and the secret of tantric yogic practice. He is an exceptional motivational speaker, story teller  and spiritual leader of eastern India.


Co-Founder & Course Director

Being a classical concert pianist with master degree from Holland Conservatorium and awards in several piano competitions, yogini Veronica left the material world behind and start exploring the world in search of the real meaning of life. She began with a challenging trek in Himalayas, Nepal, and then she dived into the deep of the ocean of South coast of Asia as a scuba diving Instructor. Finally she reached the holy city of India, Rishikesh. The rich spiritual knowledge and culture of this place amazed her for the first time in life. In India she met Atmarekha and under his guidance she started to transform her life and adopted a yogic life style.

Yoga was always a part of her life. She started practicing various forms of yoga in Europe since 12 years ago. During her years in India, she explored yoga from the most well-known institutions started from Vippasana Meditation in Himalayas, Iyengar yoga from one of the great masters of Risikesh, internal yoga of Bihar school of yoga, yoga and ayurveda education in south India and Asthanga vinyasa yoga from the world renowned Pattabi Jois Institute in Mysore. Her interest in natural healing treatments drives her to obtain a Degree in Holistic western and oriental spa therapies. She is currently study a Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics.

She is spiritually married to Atmarekha and presently residing in Spain organizing, teaching and running Yoga teacher training school in Goa, Bali, and Spain.

Anushree Sigh - India

Art of teaching/Anatomy & bio-mechanics / Yin Yoga

Graduated with honors in yoga philosophy from Mumbai University, Anushree specialices in Yoga Therapy, Anatomy & bio-mechanics and Yin Yoga. She has been training 500+ yoga students to become teachers all over India for the last 5 years.

She introduce the Art of Teaching to the students in a simple but systematic way which comes from her vast experience teaching in different Teacher Training Schools in Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Goa, and Bali. Her knowledge and expertise is highly valued by all her students from all over the world.

Anushree has studied the breathing patterns in detail including digital pranayama and breathing techniques in yoga practice. She is also proficient in vinyasa flow teacher.

Her style of simplifying complex postures is unique, and her approach to yoga is not merely physical but spiritual thereby introducing yoga to her students in a different light.

She was first introduced to yoga by her guru Dr. Omanand Ji at Paramanand Ashram Indore. After acquiring the true knowledge of yoga as a life style in her ashram life, she completed her teacher training program in hatha yoga and yoga therapy.

She is very friendly and encouraging in her approach of teaching as well as a very inspiring person for her positive approach towards life. She loves cooking vegan cuisine and has conducted cooking workshops for vegan cuisine in Bali.

Ria Varsami - Greece

Aerial Yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Acro yoga, SUP yoga

Ria Varsami is best known for her easy laughter, radiant energy, and matchless knowledge of the body.

She attended the University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and gained a degree in Nursingand she then moved on to Spain to gain her Masters Degree in Medical Research at Jaen University. With two degrees under her belt, she lived in Spain for a few years and afterwards moved to the UK to work as an emergency and surgical nurse and also did scientific research related to medical conditions and drug addictions.  Her interest in Yoga started at the age of 18, while she was still a university student . Ria has been a dedicated athlete since an early age. She started as a track athlete and later as a swimmer and after several years of dedication to yoga , she took the big decision to leave her stable life in the UK, leaving everything behind, and travel to magical India to follow her passion about yoga. She spent 6 months in India training under different teachers and styles of yoga , lived in Ashrams and attended Meditation retreats in the Himalayas.

That was just the beginning of her long travels. Ria continued her learning and development as a student and a teacher by traveling around the world and teaching yoga and organizing Detox retreats in places like Greece, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Italy. During her travels she also gained a certificate in Traditional Thai Massage. Ria teaches Vinyasa flow, Hatha Flow, Yin/ Restorative, Aerial Swing, Partner, Acro yoga for beginners and SUP yoga.

She brings her technical knowledge of anatomy and injuries to the class along with her love for beautifully choreographed Vinyasa sequencing.

Ria loves practising aerial hoop, aerial silks and acrobatics.

Committed to empowering others, Ria Varsami inspires sensuality and strength with her intuitive teaching. Her approach to yoga is playful and focusses on alignment. What is most unique about the way she teaches you, is that you are given space to challenge yourself and be playful, as every sequence creatively brings you closer to your true self. Through play and adventure, you flow into a deeper understanding of your own body and ultimately wake up to your own divinity.


Dr Arun Nair

Ayurveda workshop 

Dr A. R. Nair is well known for his teachings and healing touches worldwide.

He is traditionally and academically qualified Ayurveda practitioner.

Born and brought up in a traditional ayurvedic family in kerala, Dr Arun was traditionally trained by his grandfather and academically qualified from Rajive Ghandhi University of Health Science (RGUHS).

Well versed in thridosha based ashtavidha pareeksha including nadi pareeksha pulse reading and ayurvedic panchakarma, he is also a scholar from a pioneer ayurvedic group of kerala since 1900: Dhanwanthari Vydyasala Thodupuzha.

He is a remarkable personality for teaching and practicing yoga and ayurveda.