The Green Yoga International Team




Philosophy, Meditation, Kirtan, & Yoga Nidra

Meet Atma

Inspired by the life and philosophy of the great sage of India Swami Vivekananda (founder ramakrisna mission) and the first modern saint of India Swami Sivananda, Atma decide to dedicate his life for the service to the world through the knowledge and arts of yoga. He was born in west Bengal, the land of SPIRITUAL masters like SWAMI Vivekananda, Rishi Aurobinda, Paramahansa yoganananda. Since childhood days, Atma was inclined and motivated towards yoga and spirituality. His association since early age with Ramakrisna Mission has given him to understand the in depth-knowledge of Vedanta philosophy, and all ancient Hindu scriptures. He is a graduated in Sanskrit from North Bengal University.


After completing his postgraduate Diploma in Managment, Atma was travelling thought different cities of India experiencing the Ashram life and getting the most valuable secrets of the ancient science of yoga: Sivananda Ashram, Bihar School of Yoga, Osho Ashram, Vivekananda Ashram, Ramana Maharsi Ashram…


After his Ashram life he founded Green Yoga Studio in West Bengal in which he is helping many people to uplift their lives and later on expanded as Green Yoga International specialising in yoga teacher trainings. Initially started in Goa and then moved to Europe


He is a master in Sanskrit, yoga philosophy, meditation and tantra. Lately he has grown interest in Ayurveda and Yin yoga as a former student of Paul Grilley.




Asthanga Vinyasa primary series, Iyengar based Hatha yoga, Anatomy, Thai Massage & Handstand workshop.

Meet Marco

Raised in Italy, Marco’s first experience with yoga came when he returned to his country of birth, Ecuador in 2012 to rediscover his roots. From that moment, his life changed drastically, and he started studying and exploring various disciplines related to the human body and its infinite beauty.


In 2016, after completing a degree in Physiotherapy in Italy, he chose to deepen his knowledge in Yoga and travelled to India where he fully immersed himself in the culture and started practising Yoga intensively. In Rishikesh, he completed a 200 hours TTC in Hatha Yoga and later in Goa, a 300 hours TTC in Astanga Yoga.
In his trips to India he also started playing Tablas and he enjoyed trekking in the Himalayas. Experienced in teaching a variety of styles of Yoga, Marco is also a Professional Massage Therapist who specialises in Thai Massage, a style of massage that can be perfectly integrated with Yoga.


Having a deep passion in traditional Hatha Yoga, in the past two years, Marco also started exploring Iyengar Yoga and he fell in love with this discipline. With a great knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, Marco likes to focus on body alignment and bodily awareness. In his idea of Yoga, the first point is to be gentle and to respect your body.




Vinyasa flow, Asana clinic and sequencing

Meet Helen

My yoga journey started 6 years ago when I accidentally went to a yoga class in Spain. I didn’t understand what the teacher was saying but I fell in love with the way the asanas made me feel.


My curiosity and love for yoga took me to India in 2017 where I did my initial teacher training in Hatha and vinyasa and I spent a year exploring the country, myself and deepening my practice. I have since been back twice and in 2019 I completed my advanced teacher training with traditional Indian teachers in multi style and therapy yoga. I have a dance background and more recently have found a new passion for aerial yoga.


The practice of yoga, and coming to my mat, has supported me through many of life’s challenges and I am committed to helping others benefit from this beautiful practice too. I love helping people to use yoga as a way to deepen their mind-body connection and carry this sense of wholeness, peace and self-acceptance into their daily lives.

Doctor HariKrisnan



Ayurveda Doctor. Special Ayurveda workshops

Meet Doctor HariKrisnan

Dr. Harikrishnan is the Co-founder and Medical Director of Ritu Ayurveda, India. He completed his graduation (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, later completed advanced course in Nadi pareeksha (pulse diagnosis) from Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital Bangalore.
He worked as Head of the Ayurveda Department at Holy family mission Hospital, Tamilnadu, India.
He is specializing in NadiPareeksha (pulse diagnosis) and conducted more than 100 medical camps in rural villages in India.
 He is practicing Ayurveda and taking consultation, classes about Ayurveda external therapies and lifestyle management in Spain for the last three years.He organised several Ayurveda detox programs and retreats for patients from different parts of the world.




Yin yoga theory and practice.

Meet Ehud

Yoga has always been present in Ehud’s life. As a child, yoga was already in his home life through his mother’s yoga practice along with her friends. In 2005 he found his yoga teacher and started his regular practice. By getting to know himself through his body, he has embarked on a new path. The desire arose to deepen his knowledge and to bring his own yoga practice to another level. That led to following a YogaTeacher Yin training at YogaGarden Amsterdam (Anat Geiger). One thing led to another, the discovery came that teaching can also be fun… In 2015 he followed his second Teacher Training. 

He started teaching at Yogagarden and a little later he founded the Fat Yogis and The Functional Yoga Teacher Trainings together with Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis Heil. Favorite courses for Yoga teachers. And at YogaToday he has been one of the most beloved teachers for years.
 “I find the combination of Yin and Yang in the yoga practice very interesting. How do you find softness and tranquility in a spicy flow, how do you stay awake when you are completely relaxed?”




Vinyasa flow, Acroyoga workshop, Asana clinic and sequencing.

Meet Victor

Yoga has been present in Victor’s life to some degree from his early twenties and it did not take him very long to realize the many benefits that the practice brought to his life, not only to the body but also to the mind. It helped him to get over some hard times and developed into his main passion in life.


A teacher by trade, soon he started sharing the knowledge he would gather from taking classes and his self practice with others. Victor has pursued his education in a variety of Yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy and Yin yoga, completing a total of 1000hrs of Teacher Training in various locations across India. As well as his Indian education, he has studied with top class teachers in London and with his guru Jani Jaatinen in Malaysia, creating a style that binds the best of both, the traditional eastern and the modern western approach.


His Yoga classes are inclusive, explorative and with a focus on the mind/body connection, proper alignment and safe adjustments as a way of helping students to deepen their practice. He believes Yoga is more than a practice, it is a lifestyle, and that everyone’s yoga journey is unique and personal. He prides himself in helping his students to explore and develop their own experience of Yoga.




Yin Yoga, Yin Yoga theory and asana clinic (50 hours Yin yoga TTC).

Meet Elena

Elena is 700hrs Yoga Alliance USA/UK certified Instructor who gained her experienced in Bali, India & Spain. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin-restorative, Swing & AshtangaYoga. With her ballroom & contemporary dance background she specializes & works with athletes & dancers to improve their posture & mobility as well as bringing in body-mind balance through meditation & breathing techniques.


To her yoga means the lifelong learning from everyone and everything she shares this world with.
Experiencing the increased mental and emotional balance by including a mediation routine in her
everyday life, Elena discovered Yoga’s rather spiritual aspects first, before she started to explore the
physical benefits of pranayama and asana practice. Her fascination for the broader understanding of
Yoga as well as her drive to deepen the knowledge about all the aspects work together brought her
to Green Yoga, where she felt like everything starts falling in place.


Certified by Merithew Elena also offers postural analysis and sports massage therapy program to improve ones healthy body movements.


A former graduate of Green Yoga International, Elena is inspired by the positive influence of introducing Yoga to her life and now she longs to share this experience with the world.




Philosophy, Meditation, Hatha Yoga & Yoga Nidra (300 hours YTTC).

Meet Amba

When I was a teenager, a good friend gave me a yoga book, which I borrowed and never gave back… I read the book in one piece and began at once to learn and practise the yoga presented in it on my own, because I immediately felt at home in the yoga practice.


Since then I have completed two yoga teacher trainings for classical Hatha Yoga in India, made several trips to India, expanded my knowledge with further trainings on Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda, Vastu and Vinyasa Yoga and can also look back on 10 years of teaching experience as a yoga teacher.


Originally I studied architecture. Today I combine two professions, as an architect and as a yoga teacher. This allows me to live both, my talents for creative and analytical work and my special interest in healing bodywork and spirituality. In 2020 I completed an additional degree to become a Vasati counsellor. Vastu can be described as “the yoga of architecture”. The aim of Vastu is to create spaces that have an inherent invigorating and noticeably harmonising atmosphere. I highly value the practice of yoga as a tool of self-empowerment available to people of all ages and health conditions.


The focus of my yoga classes is to bring joy of movement to the participants and to build vitality and strength. In my yoga classes we also we also learn to feel our bodies consciously and deepen our self-awareness. Being mindful and loving with the body is of utmost importance.